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21 Aug 18 Is website not longer accessible?

From 2018, the company/brand “Canmore” is operating under TSKY. The new Canmore support website is

23 Dec 16 ezTour and ezTour Plus software are no longer supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista

Recently Google has announced their Google Map API service is no longer supporting IE8 and IE9; and because Microsoft has also stopped supporting Windows XP and Windows Vista, which means Windows XP/Vista are not able to upgrade the IE browser to IE10 or above version. Below is the announcement from Google Developers:

Because our ezTour and ezTour Plus are using IE to display Google Map, therefore XP/Vista users will have problem using our ezTour and ezTour Plus. Users still can install our ezTour and ezTour Plus on Windows XP/Vista, but the GPS tracks will not displayed on Google Map correctly. For those XP/Vista users who still need to use our ezTour and ezTour Plus, we will recommend to upgrade the OS to Windows 7 or above version.

23 Dec 16 How to convert Columbus V-800+ data file to CSV format?

Step01: Open the track in TimeAlbum Lite and EXPORT TO NMEA file.
Step02:Download this convert tool – Routconverter. Open the nmea file,then save as Columbus Standard CSV file.

27 Mar 16 Install Windows 8 / 8.1 & Windows 10 driver for Columbus GPS

The below instruction for Columbus V-800 & V-800+ GPS, not for V-990 & V-900.
(The standard usb cable from V-900 & V990 package is a charging cable. To use V-900 or V-990 as the usb GPS, you need a standard mini-usb to usb cable.)

Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 driver installation instruction for Columbus GPS.

03 Oct 15 Is Qstarz GPS compatible with Windows 10?

The answer is yes.
Qstarz GPS, including the BT-Q818XT, BT-Q1000XT, BT-Q1000XTM, BT-Q1300ST & BT-Q1000eX, their drivers & application software are compatible with Windows 10.
However, we aware that some PCs/laptops don’t detect the driver automatically. But the users can just install the driver from the files provided for Windows 8. The driver should be fine for Windows 10.

03 Oct 15 Is Holux M-215+ usb GPS compatible with Windows 10 ?

Yes. For detail, please refer to the below email from Silicon Labs (the USB chipset supplier of M-215+ ).
Dear Holux :
The webpage of silicon labs didn’t mention to support Win 10, but after our testing, we have a successful installation on Win 10 system as below:
If we have an update on the webpage, we will send the email to let you know.

So, please try to download the current latest driver on above web link to check out again.


25 Jan 15 Can Canmore GP-102+ be reset?

Yes, just press both buttons at the same time will reset the device.

02 Sep 14 How to change the Columbus V-800 GPS update rate to 5Hz permanently.

The miniGPS software comes with V-800 can only change the 5Hz setting temporary. To keep 5Hz setting permanently, please download the “tools for v-800” & update the firmware.

Attention: please use the below to replace the section 3 in “Tool Guide”.
3. Setting the indicator LED:
“Com A”—-Select”NMEA”&”11520″
“Com B”—-Select”OTHER”&”LED”
—-Click ”Select”
—-Click ”Execute” to save