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23 Dec 16 How to convert Columbus V-800+ data file to CSV format?

Step01: Open the track in TimeAlbum Lite and EXPORT TO NMEA file.
Step02:Download this convert tool – Routconverter. Open the nmea file,then save as Columbus Standard CSV file.

27 Mar 16 Install Windows 8 / 8.1 & Windows 10 driver for Columbus GPS

The below instruction for Columbus V-800 & V-800+ GPS, not for V-990 & V-900.
(The standard usb cable from V-900 & V990 package is a charging cable. To use V-900 or V-990 as the usb GPS, you need a standard mini-usb to usb cable.)

Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 driver installation instruction for Columbus GPS.

02 Sep 14 How to change the Columbus V-800 GPS update rate to 5Hz permanently.

The miniGPS software comes with V-800 can only change the 5Hz setting temporary. To keep 5Hz setting permanently, please download the “tools for v-800” & update the firmware.

Attention: please use the below to replace the section 3 in “Tool Guide”.
3. Setting the indicator LED:
“Com A”—-Select”NMEA”&”11520″
“Com B”—-Select”OTHER”&”LED”
—-Click ”Select”
—-Click ”Execute” to save

19 May 14 Why Columbus V-900 / V-990 GPS can not transfer log data via USB port

By design, the usb port of V-900 / V-990 is NOT for transferring log data. (The usb port is used for charging. The driver is for usb GPS receiver function.)

Users should transfer log data via the come with memory card reader.

03 May 14 Columbus V-900 / V-990 GPS memory requirements.

If the memory card does not meet the following 2 requirements, you will hear continuous short beep from the GPS.
1. Memory Size <= 4GB
2. Memory must be formatted into FAT (FAT16) partition. FAT32 or other partitions do NOT work. The picture below shows the stpes to format a 4GB memory card by Windows 7.

BTW, don’t use Mac to format the memory card. It does not support FAT(FAT16).