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20 Jun 19 My Qstarz BT-Q818XT bluetooth LED light is off. Is it a problem?

It is not a problem. If you turn the switch into 10Hz mode, by design the bluetooth LED light will be off. Please refer to the below BT-Q818XT manual, LED indicators section.

BT-Q818XT LED lights table

20 Jun 19 If you change or delete system files on Qstarz BL-1000ST GPS memory card, when you connect the GPS by using QTravel software, you might see this error message “Switch is not turned on or incompatible GPS device!”. How to fix this error?

QTravel error

The error is because of the system files of BL-1000ST GPS are missing or incorrect. Please download the and extra it into a folder. Copy all files and sub-folders of the extra folder to the QSTARZ usb driver root folder. It is ok the files in the usb drive are overwritten.
Now start the QTravel software, the BL-1000ST GPS will be working again.

13 Jun 19 Script error on TimeAlbum Lite of Columbus GPS logger

It’s not available for Google Map in TimeAlbum Lite since Google has changed the API service.
Please turn to TimeAlbum Pro for a better Google Map view for your tracks.
Step 1. Export your track as KML file via TimeAlbum Lite.
Step 2. Open it in TimeAlbum Pro.

TimeAlbum Pro download linkļ¼š

26 May 19 Firmware update for Columbus GPS (V-990, V-900 & V-800+, sold between years 2010-2015)

The firmware update is to resolve “GPS Week Number Rollover” Issue. This issue only affects models sold during years between 2010-2015 (which are using the MTK3329 chipset). The current models sold after 2015 (which are using the MTK3339 chipset) don’t affected by this issue. No update is needed.

Download firmware update for V-900 and V-990;

Download firmware update for V-800+.