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30 Jan 11 How to connect a bluetooth GPS to a Ipod touch / Iphone / Ipad?

Roqy – Bluetooth GPS uses SPP (serial port profile), but Ipod Touch /  Iphone / Ipad only support HFP (Hands-Free Profile). Natively, Apple does not provide SPP to connect an external bluetooth GPS.

You may have to “Jailbreak” the Ipod Touch / Iphone / Ipad and use the application “Roqy” to connect external bluetooth GPS antenna to your iPad/iPhone. For detail, please refer to

30 Jan 11 How to download log data to a Mac computer if your logger does not come with a Mac driver?

HoudahGeo – You can use this program to download MTK base GPS logger data to your Mac computer.
It is driverless for most MTK base GPS loggers. (e.g. Qstarz GPS loggers)