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    19th of April 2019 : works perfectly. Thank you a lot for this.


    This version (CanWay_20190411.exe)dont run on WIN 10 (this application is not for this system). Old CanWay1.1.12.exe works OK.


      Can you uninstall the old Canway and then install CanWay_20190411.exe? Direct upgrade doesn’t work for Canway software.


        Thank you for suggestion, but:
        I uninstall old Canway (program, data, config files), restart PC (Win 10 home, ver1803, x86), I try install Canway_20190411 (in mode admin). Still te same. I try in compatibility mode(Win7,8), the same.
        And correction: “This program dont run o your computer”, not: “this application is not for this system” like I wrote in first post.
        Now I install CanWay Installer_1.1.12.exe, copy old data and is OK, but of course I have WNRO problem with my FL-750.


          Thanks for the info!

          I tried on 3 difference Windows 10 computers, the new Canway program works for me.

          Do you have another Windows 10 PC to try on? If it still an issue, you might want to contact the manufacture support. Their website is


          I just uploaded 64bit Canway in this post.


    could it be that the software Canway_20190411.exe is only for Win64 systems?
    It doesn’t run on Win 10 (32bit)



      Hi Max,
      Thanks for the input!
      I don’t have a 32 bit Windows 10 to try. My 64 bit Windows 10 works with Canway_20190411.exe.



      I uploaded 64bit Canway in this post.


    It works, thanx!