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30 Jan 11 How to pair a Bluetooth GPS with Windows Mobile 5/6 devices?

1.        Tap on Start, Settings, Connections tab, tap on Bluetooth Icon.
2.        Make sure the Turn on Bluetooth check box is checked.
3.        Tap on Devices tab, select New Partnership… After a few seconds, you will see the BT GPS Device ID show on the Select a Bluetooth Device page. Tap once on the BT GPS Device ID and select Next
4.        Enter the Passkey Code (or PIN code) “0000” and click “Next”. For B-Speech keychain Bluetooth GPS 20c which is 1234.
5.        Check the Serial Port checkbox and select Finish
6.        Next, tap on COM Ports tab and select New Outgoing Port
7.        Tap once on the BT GPS Device ID/Name and select Next
8.        Select a COM Port for this outgoing connection and make sure you UNCHECK Secure Connection checkbox
9.        Select Finish.
10.        Launch your mapping  and configure the GPS settings of that application using the same COM port number as your Outgoing COM port number above.

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