Globalsat TR-203 RealTime Personal GPS Tracker (GPS/GSM/GPRS, with Voice Monitor, Geo-Fence & Data Logger Features)
The TR-203 is a personal tracking device with faster acquisition times. It’s compact,
portable and stylish. Designed to work around the GPS / GSM / GPRS wireless networks.
The GlobalSat TR-203 (GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz) is designed as a
tracking/monitoring device for personal or vehicle applications using GPS/GSM/GPRS
technology. The customer who intends to give the device to a person/ intends to place the
device on a vehicle can retrieve the location of the TR-203 without the need for interaction
from the person, or vehicle carrying the device. The GPS/GPRS coordinates can then be
viewed on subscription based web site’s that offer rich feature sets to further enhance the
retrieved location data.

Protected in a durable, polycarbonate housing, the TR-203 is suitable for use in a wide
variety of applications. As an added safety feature, a built-in SOS panic button will send an
emergency notification alert along with GPS coordinates of the user to a specified contact.
Other standard features include: low battery, GPS fix and GSM LED status indicators. The
User can easily configure the TR-203 via USB, SMS or GPRS. The TR-203 also includes
voice monitoring, and Geofence functions.This product is PTCRB.
Will be available
(SIM not included)
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USGlobalSat Tech Support
Toll Free: (888) 323-8720
Phone: (909) 323-8720
Package Contents:
  • TR-203 (main unit)
  • USB Interface Cable
  • CD-ROM
  • 110VAC Charger
  • Ballistic Nylon Pouch
  • Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Battery
Q & A of Data Plan in Canada.

Q: Who provides GSM data plan in Canada?
A: Bell, Telus & Rogers are the carries provide GSM data plan.

Q: How much data your real time tracker will usually use monthly? Can you give an
A: Generally 3MB/Month is enough with a 5 minute report interval.

Q: Do I need SMS service?
A: SMS is optional, but helpful for OTA (Over The Air) re-programming for report intervals or

Q: Do I need voice service?
A: There is no need for voice options for GlobalSat TR-203.  Voice is optional for GlobalSat
TR-102, TR-206 & i-gotU GT1800.

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