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Q & A of SIM Card / Data Plan in Canada.

Q: Who provides SIM Card / data plan in Canada?
A: Bell, Telus & Rogers are the carries provide SIM Card / data plan.

Q: How much data your real time tracker will usually use monthly? Can you give an
A: Generally 3MB/Month is enough with a 5 minute report interval.

Q: Do I need SMS service?
A: SMS is optional, but helpful for OTA (Over The Air) re-programming for report intervals or

Q: Do I need voice service?
A: There is no need for voice options.
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TK110 Extra-Low Power Consumption GPS Tracker ( Up to 3 Years Standby Time, GPS & LBS Dual Positioning, Track with Google Map, Android & IOS Apps, No Installation Required, Worldwide Support by Quad Band GSM)
TK110 is a long time standby GPS tracking device with small size, used in asset monitoring and
management. Mainly used for leasing, credit vehicles, valuable storage and transportation, heavy
machinery and equipment rentals, cattle grazing management, automobile, motorcycle electric vehicles
and specific goods monitoring.

GPS and GSM modules used a stable industrial grade module, completely built_in GPS and GSM
antennas. TCP/IP protocol implementation complete, wireless network communications are more fast
and reliable.


1. Regular boot and set intervals:
The factory default setting is upload GPS or LBS data to server every 24 hours, AGPS technology allows
the product locate quickly in a shortest time. After the data transfer completed, the product goes into sleep
mode immediately. According to your demand, the wakeup interval is adjustable (between 5-1440

2. Lowest power consumption in standby mode 1UA:
The standby power consumption of traditional GPS Locator is 20-50MA, it reduces 2-50000 times.

3. LBS&GPS dual positioning:
TK-110 uses the fourth generation technology, accuracy about 5-10 meter. GPS positioning priority, LBS
for a secondary location. For the place cannot receive GPS signals, it will converted to LBS (base station)
location automatically, (Such as underground garage, tunnels), the device can search a base station
information around, the middle point is the locating datum.

4. No need to install. Anti-jamming: Small size enhances its covert use, sparse sent, avoid GSM signal
Will be available
(SIM not included)