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Qstarz LT-6000S GPS Lap Timer (the new "S" model, added many new features from the famous LT-Q6000 model)
Qstarz 6000S is an innovative and automatic Lap Timer based on GPS technology. It can fit kinds of racing mode such as Drag Race, Circuit Race, Rally Race, or Performance test.
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New features (LT-6000S vs LT-Q6000)
   Global circuits auto detection: we have built all the main circuits in the world in the device. Once the device gets GPS fixed, it will
show the list of circuits around your current position that users are able to choose.
   Rally Race mode: Recce mode only currently  --> the Rally users are able to edit the tracks and mark the specific location in
QRacing software, and printing of RoadMap is available.
   Extra external Antenna: external Antenna included in the pack that is able to enhance the GPS stability and signal
   Circuits thumbnails viewing: the users are able to see the recorded track per lap on the screen so that they can tell whether the
GPS signal is drifted or not.
   All new user interface: totally change the interface and make it more friendly
   Challenge function added: In Circuit Race mode, the users can customize the time or input the best record that they’d like to
compare, reach or overtake.
   Tips: the friendly user tip while using at first time. It will be much easier for users to understand each function or button instead of
reading user manual.